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We accept payments through either Western Union or MoneyGram.  Contact us for More Information on how to make payment to our agent through Western Union or MoneyGram.



Western Union and MoneyGram are No. 1 and No. 2 in the international money transfer business — both nearly synonymous with overseas payments in an increasingly competitive market.

Western Union has been provided services for more than a century through its 500,000 agent locations worldwide. Around since 1940, MoneyGram is a major player with a presence in 200 countries. 

In the world of international fund transfers, many people use the services of either MoneyGram or Western Union. Both companies specialize in transferring funds across borders, offering their services to residents of countries in all five continents. In terms of the volumes of foreign exchange these companies deal with, both easily make it to the list of market leaders.

Since both companies offer highly competitive services, picking Western Union or MoneyGram requires that you consider your individual needs at the onset. There are times where one company can work better for you than the other, and the reverse is true, as well.


Western Union and MoneyGram: How they work

The way you go about a transfer with Western Union is nearly indistinguishable from the same process with MoneyGram.

So much, in fact, that we can describe them both in one shot: You go to their sites, enter how much you’re transferring and to where and see how much you’ll pay for the exchange.

With either service, you also have the option of visiting an office, calling or using a mobile app to initiate a transfer. And once complete, they convert and deliver your money to our agent.